Introduction to Meditation and
Yoga Nidra
[audio cd]
Introduction to Meditation - Relaxation & Stress Reduction
Yoga Nidra - Healing and Rejuvenation

Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati
and Jayne Stevenson

Introduction to Meditation induces deep states of rest and rejuvenation. This relaxation Meditation is highly effective for stress reduction and healing. Meditation is a skill that anyone can easily learn to develop greater inner peace and self-awareness.

In Yoga Nidra you are guided to apply the Sankalpa, a powerful statement of intent. This develops your willpower and your capacity to live a more conscious life.

•Remove the effects of stress
•Support healing and rejuvenation

•Create a calm, centered state
•Increase willpower and create a powerful mind
•Restore innate joy and peace

Click to listen to a sample of Introduction to Meditation
Click to listen to a sample of Yoga Nidra

ISBN 978-0980349658 $23.95


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