Meditation on the Perfect You [audio cd]

Chris Prentice

Most of us have struggled, in one way or another, to overcome the negative images impressed on our minds by parents, teachers, friends, and even ourselves. This beautiful guided meditation will help you end that struggle. Accompanied by soft flute music, it is a journey to what scientists call "the alpha state," where we are calm, at ease, and can experience a marvelous flow of thoughts, ideas, and creativity. At the alpha level, your imagination acts powerfully on your subconscious mind, overwriting the flawed image you hold of yourself with the wonderful, bright new image that is the real you—the perfect you. In just twenty-four minutes, you can take this transformative journey and, as in deep meditation, cultivate a profound inner peace and expanded awareness of who you really are. As you continue to meditate on your perfect image with this CD, you will begin to act from the deepest level of the real you, bringing into your life the joy and fulfillment you seek.

Click to listen to a sample of track 1 - Introduction
Click to listen to a sample of track 2 - The Journey

ISBN 978-0943015590 $13.95


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