Mudras for Modern Life
Boos Your health, enhance your yoga,
and deepen your meditation

Swami Saradananda

Your body is a sublte but powerful antenna that is continually receiving and transmitting energy (prana). And mudras are ancient hand gestures used in many traditions—from yoga and Indian dance to martial arts and kinesiology—that act like switches to control the flow of prana to your body. Most mudras are easy to do, yet they are so powerful that regular practice could change your life. In this book, renowned yoga teacher Swami Saradananda provides a highly practical, accessible and inspirational overview of using mudras in daily life. The book's six core chapters are dedicated to the different parts of the hand and their associated element and key holistic benefit:

Thumb • fire mudras • boosting inner strength and self-esteem
Index finger • air mudras • encouraging freedom, joy and stress relief
Middle finger • ether mudras • enhanding inner peace, self-expression and creativity
Ring finger • earth mudras • enouraging stability and grounding
Little finger • water mudras • enhanding health and equipping you to move forward
Palm • mind mudras • increasing concentration and clarity

Each mudra profile includes a photograph and easy-to-follow instructions, plus an accompanying meditation, visualization, breathing exercise (pranayama), mantra or yoga pose (asana) that enhances the effectiveness of the mudra. There's also a range of highly useful mudra routines for specific problems, such as hay fever, stress and jet lag.

This is the definitve illustrated guide to mudras, ideal for experienced yogis and newcomers alike.

ISBN 978-1780289984 * Watkins Publishing, 2015 * 160 pages * $18.95

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