Zaphir Chimes



Zaphir Wind Chimes are hand crafted and precisely tuned musical instruments, available in five beautiful melodies and numerous colours.

Eight chords of different lengths, are welded with silver into a metal plate at the base of a resonance tube. Through precise tuning of the different tone ranges, the harmonic progression of tones starts switching into overtones, in a circling almost endless flow.

Sunray — Tuning: GABDAGBD
Listen to a sample of Sunray
Sufi — Tuning: G#BC#EG#EAC#
Listen to a sample of Sufi
Twilight — Tuning: EGBCEGBC
Listen to a sample of Twilight
Crystalide — Tuning: FADFAGAD
Listen to a sample of Crystalide
Blue Moon — Tuning: DFABCEA#C
Listen to a sample of Blue Moon

The effect of these chimes really has to be experienced directly. Please come into the store and we will be happy to play them for you or to give you the chance to play them yourself.

Each chime is $63.

These chimes can be sent by mail anywhere in North America. Please contact us by email or by phone to arrange shipment.

To order email us at


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