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For what ever reason, I was thinking the other day about a charming little book that I had and loved when I was very young. I went looking for the keywords, Grandpa Bunny Bunny, and world of wonders, the book is still in print from 1951. Now it is a little late for this Easter, but I will order this book again for myself and for any of you with either children or grandchildren who might be smitten by the colours and the tale of an aging Grandpa Bunny imparting wisdom to the next generations. Here is a peek at the first couple of pages.

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One other memory from those faraway days was that these little Golden Books were purchased at the grocery store for twenty-five cents each! This one won't be that price anymore but at least it is still only a reasonable $5.99.



April's Insights from Lisa

Hello Friends and Happy Spring! It feels great doesn't it?? Even if it it does snow (like they threaten but I swear they make this stuff up as they go along) it won't stay for long :) Green and other pastel colours are poking up everywhere from the depths of the earth. You have that feeling of newness and re-birth that always comes with spring. Ahhhh, it's a great feeling! AND! The cards are bringing us messages of positivity, newness and rebirth for self love and self care.

#1. New Beginnings- yes please!! This card carries over the energies from March and allows that sense of fresh starts and beginnings to move into April. The Goddess holds the babe up to the sky with delight and joy. They ascend weightlessly in the sky suggesting there are no burdens and there are no restraints. Their nakedness shows us there is no shame in their naked forms and they hold no embarrassment in the freedom that their nudity might hold for some of us.
I know some of us cringe at the idea of floating about stark naked but in the eyes of the universe, we are all perfect just as we are. Spirit want us to know that there is no shame to be had not only in our physical form but in our emotional and mental forms as well. We are being asked to move forward into a new phase in our lives with self acceptance and self love. Just as the Goddess will nurture the child so too should you nurture yourself. Spring brings us a sense of wonderment and freedom. It brings us the notion that the old can be left behind and that new beautiful life will emerge from the depths of the dark. This energy of renewal is for all of us to embrace and enjoy. Take this time to embrace your body and its flaws. We are all flawed, it is part of being human. Our bodies perform miracles for us everyday and I am compelled to remind you that you are good enough AS you are. Be a little bit kinder with the messages you say to yourself about your body. When I get out of the shower and dry off I thank each part of my body for what it does for me. I say, “Thank you feet for keeping me grounded. Thank you legs for holding me up and walking me around. Thank you tummy for absorbing nutrients” etc. I KNOW it sounds silly but honestly, it has helped me to appreciate my body and its numerous wobbly bits in a new way. Like most of us I dissect my body and its weirdness. Ugh. But, once I started thanking my bits and bobs and truly saw my parts for the value that they serve me, it changed something. Thanking my thighs was especially powerful for me. I felt the power in my jiggle because without my working thighs...where would I be? Your naked body is a gift even if you don't like how it looks. Some days maybe it works better then others but its value isn't within societal expectations. How can you appreciate your body in a new and self loving way??

#2. Make a Difference: “My Inner Light Shines Far and Wide”- You are enough. You are strong enough. You are brave enough. You make a difference everyday even when you don't think you do. Did you smile and say thank you in a meaningful way to the cashier?? That totally makes a difference. Did you help someone see a new point of view? Difference! Did you do a favour for a co-worker? Difference-a-go-go! Just by walking around this planet and being you and all that you bring to the table as a kind, warm, generous person makes a difference. There is a saying that goes something like this....”people don't always remember what you say, but they do remember how you made them feel.” That extra smile or thank you FEELS good to the person on the other end. There is power in that. Smiles, hugs, handshakes, kind words and laughter are the stuff of incredible power and YOU possess that power. The power of your smile can be immense. Feel that. This month be aware of how bright your light shines. You have some serious super powers :) All that is missing is a red cape!!

#3. The Lovers- Mmmmmm love. You can feel the warmth between these two people and how strong their love is for each other. It is about unions and connections. Deep and powerful connections. The Lovers card is the sign of Gemini which is also about our thought processes. Now traditionally, this card suggests new relationships in the romantic sense but I am being shown that this cards for us now is about self love. As the rest of the cards suggest this month Spirit wants us to be in touch with our sense of self-worth and value. Start off the spring season with an acceptance and belief that we are good enough as we are. Try to see our self worth and value as our loved ones and friends do. Spirit wants us to feel that warmth for ourselves that the lovers feel for each other. I understand that this can be a bit difficult. I mean let's be honest here, it is very hard for most of us to get up everyday and say “Hell yeah, I am the bees knees! I am fabulous and I love everything about myself!” LOL! If only! We get up most days and start over thinking and overdoing trying to prove our worth. We let the inner critic trash talk us and then to avoid hurt, shame and guilt...we stay small. The Gemini in this card is asking us to quiet the over-thinking and the “should-coulda-wouldas.” I once read that overdoing is fear in disguise and that sentence change my life. I was like...waaaaait a minute. What? Really? Damn. Well, that sucks. I thought I was being efficient and productive. Nope. Turns out I was bashing myself everyday for not being good enough by overdoing and setting myself up for failure. I set goals for myself that I could never reach. Click goes the light bulb moment. Don't set yourself up for failure. Love yourself enough to slow down, forgive yourself and did I mention forgive yourself??
Spirit sent us this card of love to remind us to not let our imaginations get the better of us but to breathe into self love and self forgiveness. Hold your hand the way the lovers hold hands, with kindness, tenderness and joy. Gemini in The Lovers shows us there is an airy freedom in self love. Be inspired by spring and all that blossoms around you this month. Allow your sense of self acceptance and self love to blossom as well. Let your sense of value unfold and grow just like all the flowers that we will soon see. Remember flowers do not grow tall and beautiful in one takes time and patience. You are blossomousness (yes, that is a word—maybe not a real word but still a word I made up to made up you smile )

#4. Surrender: Low Self Esteem- Sooooooo just in case there was any grey area and I left a few things out, Spirit decided to spell it out for us loud and clear, LOL! Let that stuff go. Just like we will release our coats, winter boots and frizzy static cling induced crazy hair...we will release the things that make us question our sense of value: negative messages, the bullying of ego, the over doing and unrealistic goals that set us up for failure. Pull the plug on all of it. Spirit wants us to carry love and success and abundance in our hearts this month. Let the glow of spring's sunshine inspire your inner glow and know that even on the days you are unsure of your value, it is immense.
Allow thoughts to come and go but be firm in your resolve to try and feel your value in your own heart centre. Let the re-birth of spring inspire you to love yourself in a new ways. It is an exciting time and I hope you will allow yourself to be uplifted in knowing that we are all connected and we are not on this journey alone. Sending you much love, Lisa xo

Cards used in this reading:
1. Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley
2. Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn
3. Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan
4. The Power of Surrender cards by Judith Orloff, M.D.

Crystals that would be good for self love are: rose quartz, amethyst, turquoise, carnelian, moonstone

A Revolutionary New Plan to Supercharge Your Immunity and Stay Well for Life

Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D.

For more than 25 years Deepak Chopra, M.D., and Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D., have been revolutionizing medicine and how we understand our minds and our bodies. In The Healing Self, Chopra and Tanzi present groundbreaking work on the supreme importance of protecting our immunity in order to ensure lifelong health. In the face of environmental toxins, potential epidemics, superbugs, and the accelerated aging process, the significance of achieving optimum health has never been more crucial; the burden to achieve it now rests on individuals making the right lifestyle choices everyday. That means you (not doctors, not pharmaceutical companies) are ultimately responsible for your own health. The Healing Self pushes boundaries of the intellect to bring readers the newest research and insights on the mind-body, mind-gene, and mind-immunity connections, and also offers a cutting-edge, seven-day action plan, which outlines the key tools everyone needs to develop their own effective and personalized path to self-healing.

In addition, The Healing Self closely examines how we can best manage chronic stress and inflammation, which are emerging as the primary detriments to well-being. Moreover, Chopra and Tanzi turn their attention to a host of chronic disorders such as hypertension, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease, which are known to take years and sometimes decades to develop before the first symptoms appear. Contemporary medical systems aren't equipped to attend to the prolonged low-grade chronic inflammation or the everyday infections and stresses that take their toll on the body and can lead to disease, accelerated aging, and accelerated death. Thus, learning the secrets of self-healing is not only urgent but also mandatory for optimum health. The Self Healing, then, is a call to action, a proven, strategic program that will arm readers with the information they need to protect themselves and achieve lifelong wellness.

ISBN: 978-0451495525 * Harmony, 2018 * 290 Pages * $35.00

In post-World War Vienna, some of the most brilliant minds of that generation came together to prove true or false the ideas that had supported math, physics, and philogophy since antiquity, but which were essentially assumptions. Inspired by Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and Bertrand Russell's search for the foundations of mathematics, a group of young intellectuals in post-World War I Vienna sought to develop and propagate a worldview entirely based on science; they called themselves the Vienna Circle.

The founding members set out to create a purely science-based philosophy, free from jargon and obscure metaphysics. Over time the group expanded and met regularly, ultimately leaving an incredible mark on science, creating ripples through physics, mathematics, philosophy, economics, and even art and literature. But interwar Europe would sweep them up in its currents, dragging the Circle's passionate members into murders and suicides, love affairs, and nervous breakdowns, political persecution and hair's breadth escapes. This was not the age for a new enlightenment: the Circle, denigrated as a hodgepodge of Jewish intellectuals, political radicals, and eccentric professors, had to flee a continent darkened by facism and war. Nevertheless, their scientific mission endured, driving the development of the modern scientific method.

Exact Thinking in Demented Times is the first book to tell the often outrageous, sometimes tragic, but always riveting stories of the men who shaped present day scientific thought.

ISBN: 978-0465096954 * Basic Books, 2017 * 449 Pages * $42.00


The Vienna Circle and the Epic Quest
for the Foundations of Science

Karl Sigmund

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The Curious Science of Your Brain's Ability to Deceive, Transform, & Heal

Erik Vance

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This riveting narrative explores the world of placebos, hypnosis, false memories, and neurology to reveal the groundbreaking science of our suggestible minds. Could the secrets to personal health lie within our own brains? Journalist Erik Vance explores the surprising ways our expectations and beliefs influence our bodily responses to pain, disease, and everyday events. Drawing on centuries of research and interviews with leading experts in the field, Vance takes us on a fascinating adventure from Harvard’s research labs to a witch doctor’s office in Catemaco, Mexico, to an alternative medicine school near Beijing (often called “China’s Hogwarts”). Vance’s firsthand dispatches will change the way you think—and feel.

Expectations, beliefs, and self-deception can actively change our bodies and minds. Vance builds a case for our “internal pharmacy”—the very real chemical reactions our brains produce when we think we are experiencing pain or healing, actual or perceived. Supporting this idea is centuries of placebo research in a range of forms, from sugar pills to shock waves; studies of alternative medicine techniques heralded and condemned in different parts of the world (think crystals and chakras); and most recently, major advances in brain mapping technology. Thanks to this technology, we're learning how we might leverage our suggestibility (or lack thereof) for personalized medicine, and Vance brings us to the front lines of such study.

ISBN: 978-1426217890 * National Geographic, 2016 * 283 pages * $34.00

Did you know that spending time in a forest activates the vagus nerve, which is responsible for inducing calm and regeneration? Or that spending just one single day in a wooded area increases the number of natural killer cells in the blood by almost 40 percent on average?

We've all had an intuitive sense of the healing power of nature. Clemens G. Arvay's new book brings us the science to verify this power, sharing fascinating research along with teachings and tools for accessing the therapeutic properties of the forest and natural world. Already a bestseller in Germany, The Biophilia Effect is a book that transforms our understanding of our interconnection with nature and shows us how to engage the natural world wherever we live for greater health, inspiration, rejuvenation, and spiritual sustenance. Clemens G. Arvay presents fascinating biomedical research into nature's healing effects on our bodies, practical tools and activities, inspiring stories, and more in this accessible guide to the remarkable benefits of being in nature.

ISBN: 978-1683640424 * Sounds True, 2018 * 182 pages * $24.50

A Scientific and Spiritual Exploration of
the Healing Bond Between Humans and Nature

Clemens G. Arvay

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Why Nature Makes Us Happier,
Healthier, and More Creative

Florence Williams

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From forest trails in Korea, to islands in Finland, to eucalyptus groves in California, Florence Williams investigates the science behind nature’s positive effects on the brain. Delving into brand-new research, she uncovers the powers of the natural world to improve health, promote reflection and innovation, and strengthen our relationships. As our modern lives shift dramatically indoors, these ideas?and the answers they yield?are more urgent than ever. 12 illustrations

ISBN: 978-0393355574 * W. W. Norton & Co., 2018 * 280 pages * $21.95

Are negative or distressing thoughts getting in the way of living your life? If so, you're not alone. Many people have unwanted, disturbing, or upsetting thoughts that they just can't seem to shake; thoughts that lead to feelings of shame, anxiety, depression, and fear. This step-by-step workbook offers practical and effective methods you can use right away to help you gain distance from these thoughts before they take over. In The Anxious Thoughts Workbook, psychologist David A. Clark presents a unique approach to help you move past a broad range of negative thought patterns. You'll learn how to break the destructive cycle responsible for your anxious and depressive thinking, and strip these upsetting thoughts of their power in a process he calls detoxification. In addition, you'll find tips for managing feelings of guilt that can often accompany these thoughts. If you're ready to move past your intrusive thoughts and start focusing on living your best life, the powerful techniques in this workbook will help you get started.

ISBN: 978-1626258426 * New Harbinger Publications, 2018 * 173 * $27.95



Skills to Overcome the Unwanted
Intrusive Thoughts that Drive
Anxiety, Obsessions, & Depression

David A. Clark, Ph.D.

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Working with the Spiritual Consciousness of the Body

Mary Mueller Shutan

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We are not our pain or our disease, nor are we defined by our limitations, restrictions, or the labels given to us. We are a whole body, a consciousness, and a spiritual being. As a holistic, interconnected being, our emotions, beliefs, physical pain, past traumas, and even imbalances created through spiritual issues are held within our physical form. By accessing them through the physical body with the body deva--the spiritual consciousness of our human body--we can heal the continuum of mind, body, and spirit. Understanding this is the true key to healing.

In this step-by-step guide to understanding and working with the body deva, the consciousness of your body, Mary Mueller Shutan explains how our bodies hold the traumatic energies, emotions, physical issues, and restricting beliefs that cause us pain and feelings of disconnection. She details how to make contact and dialogue with your body deva to heal a variety of issues, from physical pains to ancestral and past life patterns to limiting ideas about what we can accomplish in this world. By working with the body deva, she shows how we can discover the reasons why our pain, beliefs, or imbalances developed and resolve them to heal mind, body, and spirit, every layer of our being. She explores how to work with the archetypes, labels, limiting beliefs, and myths that underlie our unique history and reasons for being. Shutan also examines how to work with the body deva to heal spiritual patterns through the physical body, including techniques of ancestral healing, past life healing, and karmic resolution.

By learning to dialogue with the body deva, you can understand who you are on the deepest levels. You can learn why your pain and imbalances came to be and what lies unhealed within you. You can evolve beyond the limitations and restrictions in your body and your life and evolve into greater health, connection, joy, and consciousness.

ISBN 978-1844097456 * Findhorn Press, 2018 * 203 pages * $21.50


Why are we here? To remember and re-create, who you are—the most magnificent, the most remarkable, the most splendid being God has ever created!

Neale Donal Walsch is known for captivating millions of fans worldwide with the life-changing wisdom of his celebrated Conversations with God trilogy and companion works.

With gorgeous, original photography depicting nature’s grandeur throughout, coupled with choice selections from Walsch’s celebrated body of work, this beautiful, full-color book will please the senses while the timeless spiritual guidance will delight and inspire the mind. For the avid follower of Conversations with God or as an introduction to Neale’s work, this volume will serve the reader as the perfect medium for joining in on this uncommon dialogue between the mortal and the divine.

ISBN: 978-0143109914 * TarcherPerigee, 2017 * 539 pages * $37.00

Essential Truths from the Beloved
"Conversations with God" Trilogy

Neale Donald Walsch
and Sherr Robertson


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CBT Skills to Help You Deal with Worry & Anxiety

Michael A. Tompkins, Ph.D.
Jonathan R. Barkin, PsyD.

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Between school, friends, dating, and the latest drama on social media, coupled with a bunch of confusing changes going on, being a teen can be super stressful. While stress is a normal part of life, it can also get in the way of reaching goals. This engaging workbook will help teens tackle the underlying causes of stress and help them keep calm when challenged with anxiety. Teens will discover practical mindfulness and breathing techniques to help calm the mind and body when feeling worried and anxious. Teens will also find strategies for managing negative thoughts and emotions, and tools to help develop their own personalized plan for dealing with stress. This workbook is perfect for any teen that is ready to stop stressing and start living their best life.

ISBN 978-1684030095 * Instant Help, 2018 * 167 pages * $22.95



Breathe Like a Bear is a beautifully illustrated collection of mindfulness exercises designed to teach kids techniques for managing their bodies, breath, and emotions. Best of all, these 30 simple, short breathing practices and movements can be performed anytime, anywhere: in the car to the grocery store, during heavy homework nights at home, or even at a child’s desk at school. Based on Kira Willey’s Parents’ Choice GOLD Award-winning CD, Mindful Moments for Kids, this one-of-a-kind book is sure to help kids find calm, gain focus, and feel energized during the day, and encourage families to establish a fun and consistent mindfulness practice, whether at home or on the go.

ISBN: 978-1623368838 * Rodale Kids, 2017 * 84 Pages * $17.50




30 Mindful Moments for Kids to Feel
Calm and Focused Anytime, Anywhere

Kira Willey
Illustrated by Anni Betts

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A Step-by-Step Mindfulness Journey

Mariam Gates
Margarita Surnaite, Illus.

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This accessible and fun guide to meditation and mindfulness is the perfect introduction for young children.

Meditation does a body good, and can even help kids as young as four or five. This practical guide is gentle, clear, and a pleasure to use. Kids will learn how to focus on their breath, on the sensations in their body, and on the sounds around them to help them relax, settle their busy minds, and understand their emotions. Illustrated with cheerful drawings of five animal friends, the book offers step-by-step directions and a repeating refrain:

"Breathe in, and fill your whole body. Breathe out, and relax your whole body."

It's an invigorating first experience of mindfulness that can be shared by parents and children at home, or by teachers and students in the classroom.

ISBN: 978-0399186615 * Dial Books, 2017 * Ages 4-8 * $23.99

Through the ages, the infinity symbol, a sideways figure eight, has represented eternal development and balance. Also known as the lemniscate, this powerful symbol stands for equilibrium, harmony, and the interconnectedness of all things. Although magical knowledge of symbols has often been kept secret throughout history, today the power of this symbol is available to all.

In this accessible, hands-on guide, Barbara Heider-Rauter explores the spiritual world of the infinity symbol in a personal and practical way, allowing each of us to benefit from its positive influence for balance and harmony in ourselves, our relationships, and the wider world. She begins with a short exercise to attune readers to the energy field of the lemniscate. She explains how the infinity symbol offers the perfect response to a system that encourages separation and a world in which the negation of our feelings is often the source of illness and pain. She details simple exercises to reconnect the two halves of the brain, the analytical and the emotional, resulting in harmony and healing. She teaches how to use simple visualisation, physical exercises, and directed drawing of the symbol to achieve practical results in our daily lives.

Beautifully illustrated in full color, the book also offers a wealth of information on the appearance of the infinity symbol through the ages in all its forms and contexts, from history and mythology to our own tiny body cells and the natural world. This book urges the reader to establish wholeness, to balance the scales of duality and find harmony. With the power of the lemniscate at hand, decisions will be made with greater ease and relationships filled with harmony and a lighter heart.

ISBN 978-1844097524 * Earthdancer Books, 2018 * 128 pages * $19.99


Working with the Lemniscate for
Ultimate Harmony and Balance

Barbara Heider-Rauter

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Transform Your Life Using the Power of Crystals and Layouts

Judy Hall

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Crystal grids are a powerful tool for tapping into the power of stones for healing, protection, and manifesting goals and intentions. The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids outlines the specifics of constructing an effective grid and working with sacred geometry. Learn to correctly set up, dismantle, and activate a grid as well as which crystals are most effective for specific grids and purposes. Perfect for the novice and advanced grid practitioner alike, this beautiful guide features more than 50 grids designed by Judy Hall, one of world's leading crystal experts. Filled with hundreds of photos and illustrations, plus step-by-step guidance, this truly is the ultimate guide to harnessing the magic and power of crystals.

ISBN: 978-1592337811 * Fair Winds Press, 2017 * 192 * $32.99

Dragons are beautiful, wise, open-hearted etheric beings of the angelic realms who are sent here by Source to help and assist us. Their guidance can help us to clear lower energies, flow around challenging situations and inspire us in our life visions. The 44 cards in this beautiful deck will offer you advice about your daily life, your soul mission, and how you can serve the planet. The Dragons are waiting for you to connect with them so that they can assist you on your spiritual path.

ISBN 978-1781809068 * Hay House, 2017 * 44 cards & guidebook * $24.99

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Diana Cooper

The Gods' Magical Alphabet

Laura Tuan

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Rooted in myth, schrouded in power, the Runes of the ancient Norse people contain the sound of creation. Odin received them in exchange for the greatest of sacrifices. The Runes embodied the fabric of the reality, the language of the Gods, the power over the earth and the sky, the spirit of Norse magic.

Discover the secret of magic runes with Runes: the God’s Magical Alphabet. This powerful kit will connect you to the divinatory messages the runes are eager to offer. Stamped on fired wood, these symbols of the ancient Germanic alphabet connect like the letters of a word to give you the answers you seek. The kit contains twenty-five runes, a bag for protecting them, and a comprehensive guidebook to explain their use. The book provides a deeper understanding of the runes, allowing you to master their messages for yourself and others.

Boxed kit includes 25 runes, a protective bag, and a 144-page guidebook.

ISBN: 978-0738713939 * Llewellyn, 2008 * Divination kit * $34.95

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