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My Sisters' Place

A program of
Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex

Thirteen years ago, My Sisters' Place opened their doors to welcome women at risk in our community into a safe place. This vital service to women in our community depends on gifts and donations for 62% of its annual budget!


My Sisters’ Place is many things to the 100 plus women who walk through its doors each day. It is Safety. It is Support. It is Sisterhood.

Women who access My Sisters’ Place range in age from 16 – 70 and come from diverse backgrounds. Most have experienced abuse, trauma and isolation. Many are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or street involved. More than 80% are dealing with mental health challenges. Their lives are complicated by poverty, addiction and health concerns. All are striving to gain control of their lives and realize their potential.

There are so many worthy causes in the world. Most of us wish to contribute to the wellbeing of others and however we choose to do so, it is a life-affirming impulse. Here at Mandala, we have always felt that our own community should be supported and we encourage everyone to consider contributing to My Sisters' Place.

One of the fundamental services that My Sisters' Place offers to women in our community is a hot meal every day. Their kitchen serves over 20,000 meals a year and daily numbers range between 80-120. This is a critical service for the women who access My Sisters' Place daily.Whatever you can offer helps to keep this vital program operating for women in our community.

There are many ways to make a gift to My Sisters' Place and you can begin that here. My Sisters' Place also has a wishlist of items that are constantly needed and if a contribution to that list, small or large, seems like an ideal gift, then please drop off items here at the store and we will deliver them for you to My Sisters' Place.

Please feel free to request a tour of My Sisters' Place. Seeing is believing in the goodness of the work that is being done here in our community.


Lisa's December Insights

Happy December Friends! This readings was done on December 1st not that far now from the Gemini Full Moon on Dec.3rd AND! Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd as well until Dec. 23rd. So, there is a lot going on cosmically this month but not to fret or fear. The cards are in our favour :)
We have a lot of light airy energy this month which is nice considering the last couple of months have been a bit heavy. There is SO much to do in December so it's nice to have that feeling of being able to flow freely this month. The sky is huge in each of these cards. Which is I believe will be bring great expansiveness for ours hearts and minds as we close off 2017. Let's get into it! :)

#1 Harmony: (what a wonderful card to start with!) The Goddess looks up to the sky and to the stars with great wonderment, ease and joy. There is a sense here that she is exactly where she is supposed to be. Everything has fallen into place and there is a feeling of peace, calm and acceptance. Maybe not everything makes sense and not everything came about as the Goddess expected but she has gratitude and harmony within herself. Not everything is perfect and yes, life is messy and complicated. But, the Goddess has come to a place of acceptance. You know how the cards have been asking us to go deep, ask questions, let go of what no longer serves?? The Goddess here tells us that what we have released has made room for other things and a sense of harmony within ourselves is finding a place in our hearts. As we look back over the year it is time to release (esp. during the full moon!) what clutters our minds and our hearts. What few things can we let go of from 2017 to add a wee bit more harmony within our souls and make room for new life to help us grow?? The next card shall expand on this.

#2 New Life: Again, lots of expansive sky. Think the sky's the limit! New life, new year, new beginnings and fresh starts. The new year brings new opportunities, optimism and the chance to start-over. Keep in mind this doesn't have to be life changing or grandiose. It can be something like changing the way we talk to ourselves or being able to receive a compliment without guilt. It might be about being open to new friendships. It may be making time to dig into that pile of books you've been wanting to read (without guilt!) simply because it will make you happy and helps bring harmony into your life. I want to mention balance here as well. A sense of balance and keeping both feet on the ground can help you understand what newness is right for you at this time. Newness can be overwhelming so gently check-in with yourself and stay as grounded as you can. Take a deep breath with all this magical air energy and use its power to help ground you, not carry you away. The little fairy in this card wears the colour of the 3rd eye chakra. This asks us to listen to our intuition as we release and replace the old with the new. What is a good fit for our lives at this time? It doesn't have to be big but it should light you up and allow ease and flow within your life. Which brings us to River.

#3 River/Movement: We are in the midst of a magical time for some and for others a time that is complicated, messy and it comes with much angst. Whatever December and the holiday season brings to you, The River asks us to go with the flow and to not fight the flow of life. Notice the waters here in this card are smooth, calm and easy going. The sky is vast and open and all the greenery speaks to our heart chakra. The more we can be loving to ourselves, be at peace with ourselves and our choices, the more we will feel gratitude. Our families, our jobs, our relationships are complicated. No one and nothing is perfect. People and things make us crazy and this time of the year can be full of frustration, exhaustion and expectations that cannot be met. If you feel the waters getting choppy, go into the feeling of this card and its ease of movement. Yes, stuff needs to get done.... parties, cooking, kids etc. However, The River asks us to breathe deep, look up, step back and to let go of resistance. Resisting and over controlling will leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and our heart centres. Despite hectic times, life will flow easier when we realize that it is okay to ease up, be fluid and have gratitude. Gratitude for even the smallest things will allow life to become more manageable. Tonight I am personally grateful for such small things as extra coffee in the cupboard, YouTube (seriously! I mean everything is on there), finding an extra $10 in my pocket, I didn't burn the spaghetti sauce and my secret stash of chocolate.

#4. Queen of Pentacles: Remember we talked about being grounded and not fighting the flow of life? Our last card The Queen of Pentacles is sort of the “earthy icing on the cake”. She brings us security, love, compassion and warmth. She is here to bring tenderness to us and to remind us of the deep compassion that lies within all of us. The holidays can bring out the worst in some people whether in line at the coffee shop or at Aunt Laura's house. Our Queen here reminds us to consider that fact that everyone has their own stuff to deal with and we never know what is going on in someone else's life. If you find yourself clenched and tense, upset or angry think of her warm motherly energy here and let a sense of grace wash over you. She holds a soft, warm glowing light in her heart centre and she offers its tenderness to us. It is an ancient, deep-seeded, warmth that is meant to protect us and help us to feel we are seen and heard. She too asks us to check in with ourselves, how we are and what we might need to enjoy the holidays. Even the smallest thing can make a big difference.
Enjoy yourself! Be kind to yourself! Don't worry about the things you can't control or change today.
Celebrate this time of the year with an expectation of being the best and most authentic version of you you can be. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Yule and Happy New Year Friends!
See you in 2018. Much love, light and many hugs to you all xo

Crystals to help you in December:
Stones to help you stay and feel grounded and more centred:
Any of the black stones: Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Jet, Smoky Quartz Hematite
Stones to heal with compassion: Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Moonstone
Stones to help keep you in high vibe, at peace and authentic to yourself:
Blue Lace Agate, Malachite, Clear Quartz, Jade and Bloodstone

Decks used:
Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley
Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
Earth Magic Oracle by Steven D. Farmer
Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore



There are qualities we all yearn to experience in our lives—peace, simplicity, grace, connection, clarity. Yet these qualities evade us because each of them arises from an experience of wholeness, and we live in a culture that enforces divisions within each of us. In Radical Wholeness, Philip Shepherd shows the countless ways in which we are persuaded to separate from the body and live in the head. Disconnected from the body’s intelligence, we also disconnect from the wholeness of the present. This schism within us is the primary source of stress not just in our personal lives, but for the systems of the planet.

Drawing from neuroscience, anthropology, physics, the arts, myth, personal stories and his experiences helping people around the world to experience wholeness, Philip Shepherd illuminates what true wholeness means and offers practices designed to help readers soften into the intelligence of the body. Radical Wholeness is a call to action: to recover wholeness and experience a new way of being.

ISBN: 978-1623171773 * North Atlantic, 2017 * 328 pages * $23.99

The Embodied Present
and the Ordinary Grace of Being

Philip Shepherd

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The Science of the Hand,
Heart, and Mind

David J. Linden

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Dual-function receptors in our skin make mint feel cool and chili peppers hot. Without the brain’s dedicated centers for emotional touch, an orgasm would feel more like a sneeze—convulsive, but not especially nice. From skin to nerves to brain, the organization of our body’s touch circuits is a complex and often counterintuitive system that affects everything from our social interactions to our general health and development.

In Touch, neuroscientist and bestselling author David J. Linden explores this critical interface between our bodies and the outside world, between ourselves and others. Along the way, he answers such questions as: Why do women have more refined detection with their fingertips than men? Is there a biological basis for the use of acupuncture to relieve pain? How do drugs like Ecstasy heighten and motivate sensual touch? Why can’t we tickle ourselves? Linking biology and behavioral science, Touch offers an entertaining and enlightening answer to how we feel in every sense of the word.

ISBN: 978-0143128441 * Penguin Books, 2016 * 272 pages * $22.00

The author of the New York Times bestseller You Are the Placebo, as well as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Evolve Your Brain, draws on research conducted at his advanced workshops since 2012 to explore how common people are doing the uncommon to transform themselves and their lives. Becoming Supernatural marries some of the most profound scientific information with ancient wisdom to show how people like you and me can experience a more mystical life.

Readers will learn that we are, quite literally supernatural by nature if given the proper knowledge and instruction, and when we learn how to apply that information through various meditations, we should experience a greater expression of our creative abilities; that we have the capacity to tune in to frequencies beyond our material world and receive more orderly coherent streams of consciousness and energy; that we can intentionally change our brain chemistry to initiate profoundly mystical transcendental experiences; and how, if we do this enough times, we can develop the skill of creating a more efficient, balanced, healthy body, a more unlimited mind, and greater access to the realms of spiritual truth. Topics include:

  • Demystifying the body’s 7 energy centers and how you can balance them to heal
  • How to free yourself from the past by reconditioning your body to a new mind
  • How you can create reality in the generous present moment by changing your energy
  • The difference between third-dimension creation and fifth-dimension creation
  • The secret science of the pineal gland and its role in accessing mystical realms of reality
  • The distinction between Space-Time vs. Time-Space realities
  • And much more

Using tools and disciplines ranging from cutting-edge physics to practical exercises such as a walking meditation, Dr. Joe offers nothing less than a program for stepping outside our physical reality and into the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

ISBN 9781401953096 * Hay House, Inc., 2017 * 348 pages * $35.99

How Common People Are
Doing the Uncommon

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Practical Mindfulness for Busy People

Pedram Shojai, OMD

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We are all struggling to find time in our lives, but somehow there is never enough to go around. We are too tired to think, too wired to focus, less efficient than we want to be, and guilty about not getting enough time with our loved ones.

We all know that we feel starved for time, but what are we actually doing about it? Precious little. In the Art of Stopping Time, New York Times bestselling author Pedram Shojai guides us towards success with what he calls Time Prosperity—having the time to accomplish what you want in life without feeling compressed, stressed, overburdened, or hurried.

So how do we achieve this Time Prosperity? We learn to Stop Time. To do that, Shojai walks us through a 100-day Gong, which is based on the Chinese practice of designating an amount of time each day to perform a specific task. The ritual helps you become mindful, train your mind, instill new habits, and fundamentally transform your relationship with time. We can find moments of mental awareness while in the shower, eating a snack, listening to podcasts, and even while binge-watching our favorite TV shows. He shares how to use Gongs to reprogram your habits, reduce stress, increase energy, exercise the ancient practice of mindfulness, and become a master of your time.

ISBN 978162369095 * Rodale Books, 2017 * 209 pages * $24.99

Have you ever had the feeling your life just isn’t working? That no matter how much you push and direct, or sit back and let go, the square peg you’re holding just won’t fit into the round hole that is your life?

What if, instead, the roadblocks to transformation went away? What if you could simply wake up as your greatest self, living your greatest life? Can you imagine what that would look like—and more important, what it would feel like? In this new book, the latest in the Tapping Solution series, Nick Ortner helps you not only imagine it, but make it a reality.

In The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self, Nick guides readers through a 21-day process of self-discovery and self-development. The 21 stages use the simple, proven practice called Tapping (formally known as Emotional Freedom Techniques). Each stage includes a Daily Challenge and a Tapping Meditation to help the changes take root.

Drawing on wisdom sources from Aristotle to Dr. Seuss along with Nick’s own deep well of insight and engaging stories from his daily life, Manifesting Your Greatest Self is terrific fun to read. And readers can take their time with it: Nick encourages them to complete the program at their own pace, with the extra option of signing up for exclusive e-mail reminders to support them throughout the process. “We’re going to work together to let your light shine brighter than ever before,” Nick writes, “to feel at peace in your body, to create the life experiences you most deserve and desire.”

ISBN 9781401949884 * Hay House, Inc., 2017 * 327 pages * $33.99


21 Days to Releasing Self-Doubt,
Cultivating Inner Peace, and

Creating A Life You Love

Nick Ortner

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Discover the Secret Language of the Night

Doris E. Cohen, Ph.D.

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A dream is not just white noise or something that happens to you while you sleep. Dreams are the secret language of your unconscious. They hold critical information that, if embraced and explored, can transform your waking life. Dreaming on Both Sides of the Brain will guide you through this fertile nighttime landscape to unlock the secrets of your personal dream language, interpret the meaning of your dreams, and harness the power of your brain to uncover a life of greater richness and meaning.

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Doris E. Cohen has developed a seven-step process to let you tap into the rich repository of your subconsious an transform your life:

  1. Recall and record.
  2. Title your dream.
  3. Read or repeat aloud.
  4. Consider what is uppermost in your life right now.
  5. Describe your dream’s objects and qualities as if you were talking to a Martian.
  6. Summarize the message from the unconscious.
  7. Consider the dream’s guidance for waking life.

Drawing on years of clinical experience and her familiarity with Freud, myth, and sacred writings, Cohen presents a program that results in a life of abundance, texture, and self-awareness.

ISBN 9781571747976 * Hampton Roads, 2017 * 169 pages * $24.95

Empathy can help you on your quest to understand life and destiny. Do you often feel as though you are being blindly pulled along, searching for answers, trying to make sense of why things happen the way they do? Is it possible the answer is right in front of you?

Discover via twelve lessons why you are here and why your gift of empathy is so valuable to your search for your destiny. Delve into your own timeline and learn the ways it can help you comprehend your life and determine why your existence is the way it is. Explore how your life is designed to teach you to make energetic choices and how to fight becoming the victim of energy you feel.

This follow-up book to the Reluctant Empath goes deeper into the gift of empathy and how to use it effectively. Understand why you have the power to navigate your own life right now.

ISBN 9780764352232 * Schiffer, 2017 * 109 pages * $24.99

Finding Your Destiny

Bey Comerford
Steve Wilson

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The Truth behind Hashimoto's, Graves', Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr

Anthony William

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The thyroid is the new hot topic in health. Across age groups, from baby boomers and their parents to millennials and even children, more and more people—women especially—are hearing that their thyroids are to blame for their fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, memory issues, aches and pains, tingles and numbness, insomnia, hair loss, hot flashes, sensitivity to cold, constipation, bloating, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, loss of libido, restless legs, and more. Everyone wants to know how to free themselves from the thyroid trap.

As the thyroid has gotten more and more attention, though, these symptoms haven’t gone away—people aren’t healing. Labeling someone with “Hashimoto’s,” “hypothyroidism,” or the like doesn’t explain the myriad health issues that person may experience. That’s because there’s a pivotal truth that goes by unnoticed: A thyroid problem is not the ultimate reason for a person’s illness. A problematic thyroid is yet one more symptom of something much larger than this one small gland in the neck. It’s something much more pervasive in the body, something invasive, that’s responsible for the laundry list of symptoms and conditions attributed to thyroid disease.

In Medical Medium Thyroid Healing, Anthony William, the Medical Medium, reveals an entirely new take on the epidemic of thyroid illness. Empowering readers to become their own thyroid experts, he explains in detail what the source problem really is, including what’s going on with inflammation, autoimmune disease, and dozens more symptoms and conditions, then offers a life-changing toolkit and many new recipes to rescue the thyroid and bring readers back to health and vitality. It’s an approach unlike any other, and as his millions of fans and followers will tell you, it’s the approach that gets results.

ISBN: 978-1401948368 * Hay House, 2017 * 279 pages * $35.99

Money. We love it. We hate it. If we don’t have enough, we’re struggling to get more. If we do have it, we’re fighting to hold on to it. Why does money have to be such a source of anxiety? Is it possible to find a balance? Yes! According to integrative life coach Nancy Levin, the real key to creating financial freedom isn’t changing what we do, it’s changing how we feel—and that requires more than just learning how to invest.

In Worthy, Nancy makes an essential, eye-opening connection: the state of our net worth is a direct reflection of our self-worth. Then she shows us how to get to the root of the problem and do the internal work that’s needed to replace feelings of unworthiness with a stronger sense of our own value. Filled with inspiring real-life stories and thought-provoking questions and answers, her 10-step plan helps us to:

  • Get real about the money issues we face every day
  • Examine the excuses we use to avoid creating the life we really want
  • Be willing to see ourselves as worthy of abundance in all its forms
  • Take back our financial power—and watch amazing things start to happen

Whether we’re looking for financial ease or a new relationship with money and ourselves, Worthy will give us the tools to clear the path for wholeness, fulfillment, and richness in all areas of our lives, not just in our bank accounts.

ISBN 9781401950156 * Hay House, Inc., 2016 * 210 pages * $20.99

Boost Your Self-Worth to
Grow Your Net Worth

Nancy Levin

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Understanding Spirit Communication in
Our Everyday Lives

William Stillman

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The Secret Language of Spirit is the culmination of award-winning author and psychic medium William Stillman's wisdom and insights in a fascinating exploration of the sometimes blatant, sometimes hidden spiritual symbolism in our everyday lives. With accessible language, easy-to-understand explanations, and fascinating anecdotes, Stillman introduces to the open-minded layperson an alternate lens through which to view daily interactions with Spirit.

Topics unique to this compelling new work include:

  • A thorough explanation of Heaven's inner workings.
  • Recognizing Spirit-speak--the silent but ever-present signs and signals that surround us.
  • Decoding symbolic patterns found in nature, dreams, our names, and the manifestation of "threes."
  • Associative links in memory that correlate spiritually to music and scents.

Stillman's most powerful observations may be found in the chapter that correlates spiritual sensitivity with persons with autism, mental illness, and dementia--individuals whose "gibberish" is often dismissed as pathology but may actually provide glimpses into another realm.

The Secret Language of Spirit concludes with an empowering chapter that addresses the concepts of abundance and achieving authenticity with Love's Foot Rule--12 fundamental tenets. Stillman also introduces the principles of passion, pursuit, and prosperity, and how to manifest them in concert with Spirit.

ISBN 9781632651228 * New Page Books, 2017 * 190 pages * $19.95

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The Akashic Tarot is an astoundingly accurate tool for predicting the future, unveiling hidden insights, and unleashing new powers. This unique 62-card deck can transport you to the Great Hall of Records to help you discover the unknown. It can also reveal ancient and new talents, unexpected victories, imminent rendezvous, unmet allies, and the steps to untold prosperity.

The Akashic Tarot is designed to access the profound energy and unlimited information that make up the Akashic Records, which are great fields of wisdom and power that transcend time and space and are immediately available to all. With each card, you can connect with a powerful Akashic Force and open to the psychic currents that are always flowing between you and the Akashic Realm. This deck will help you connect with your spirit guides, Ascended Masters, angels, and loved ones in spirit. With the turn of a card, you can enter the Akashic World!

ISBN 9781401950446 * Lifestyles, 2017 * 62 Cards & Guidebook * $28.50

A 62-Card Deck and Guidebook

Sharon Anne Klingler
Sandra Anne Taylor

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Intuitive Guidance to Transform Your Soul

Inna Segal


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This deck is visceral, emotional and raw, in both text and visuals, expressing both the lighter and the darker side of life. The cards access the higher states of awareness, as well as challenging emotions, thought patterns and energies people have to transform.

In this oracle deck, the text for each card gives the meaning of the card, the reason the person has chosen the card, and an empowering statement and a short process.

ISBN 9781925017984 * Rockpool Publishing, 2017 * 36 Oracle Cards * $31.95


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Sacred Power Reading Cards is a 36-card deck, which provides self-empowerment and healing by delving deep into sacred symbols, totem animals and the spiritual realms.

This deck will awaken your spirit’s path and open your heart towards new possibilities and guidance. The cards also serve as a supportive tool for healing practitioners in Reiki, Kinesiology, Counselling, Theta Healing and many other healing and wellbeing modalities.

Along with the accompanying guidebook, which includes affirmations, meditations and simple techniques to enhance your self-healing abilities, the Sacred Power Reading Cards deck is sure to awaken your magnificent creative force.

ISBN 9781925429275 * Rockpool Publishing, 2017 * 36 Reading Cards & Guidebook * $31.95


Transformative Guidance for Your Life Journey

Anna Stark

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A 52-Card Oracle Deck

Colette Baron-Reid


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Have you ever wanted to receive a personal message from the Other Side? Now you can!

Imagine traveling to a sacred place where you are able to receive communication from your loved ones who have passed on, your ancestors, your spirit guides, or even your guardian angels. What if they knew what you needed to know about every aspect of your life’s journey? What if, when you asked for advice or a sign about your direction, you could receive it in the form of a postcard from Spirit?

Colette Baron-Reid has created this original and unique oracle card system to open a portal to the “other side” of the veil. Through a compassionate and sometimes playful chorus of voices, it’s as if you were receiving a postcard just for you from another dimension—a message that carries profound meaning as well as practical advice. Ask your loved ones, spirit guides, or guardian angels to help guide you in all of life’s issues. Pose a question and a postcard from Spirit will show up with just the right answer!

ISBN 9781401951535 * Lifestyles, 2017 * 52 Oracle Cards * $25.99


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Before you choose to experience this physical dimension that we call Earth, your higher self meets with Spirit Guides to design a blueprint that will enable your soul to learn and evolve throughout the course of your existence. And this extraordinary card deck by world-renowned spiritual medium James Van Praagh will assist you in tuning in to your Guides—spiritual teachers who give you guidance, knowledge, or wisdom.
Each of these 44 beautifully illustrated cards serves as a cue that prompts you toward your ideal goal—your own personal journey of self-awareness. The enclosed guidebook will bring further insight to each card’s uplifting message, such as Be Yourself, Live Your Bliss, You Are Never Alone, and more! Through these channeled messages, you will learn to develop a higher understanding of Spirit and remember that you are never truly alone.

ISBN 9781401951405 * Lifestyles, 2017 * 44 Cards & Guidebook * $25.99


A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

James Van Praagh

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