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Lisa's January Insights

Happy New Year Friends! I don't know about you but I am happy to see the back end of 2017. It wasn't an easy year on our hearts or our minds. It was a year where there was a lot of digging deep and doing the hard shadowy work. BUT—the work that we did was incredibly valuable and worth it. 2018 promises to be a year that is lighter in nature. 2018 is a 2 year which is about partnerships, more “you and me” then just “me”. It brings the spirit of supportive friends and partnerships. The sharing and loving vibe of cooperation, connection and a healthy duality: co-existing with ease, teamwork and cooperation as a relationship builder. Think harmony and ease in companionship. Doesn't that sound great??! I know I am ready for some ease and harmony and I bet you are as well. 2018 will bring us a much gentler energy and the cards I pulled for us today confirm it.

#1. Dreams: What a fabulous card to start off our year! I think it is fair to say that this card is asking us to dream with confidence and ease. We are encouraged to dream in such a manner that these dreams CAN come true. These are not dreams of fancy but of fruition and actuality. The Goddess holds red flowers in her hands and in her hair. Red is the colour of our root chakra which is where we are grounded. The mantra here is “I am Safe”. We are safe to go forward in the direction of our dreams. Our ideas, the changes we want to make are rooted in reality not fantasy. You will also notice that the Goddess is standing in very calm water. There is no fear nor struggle here. She is a dreamer that knows she can make her dreams come true. Don't just so with confidence and ease as the next card confirms.

#2. Surrender to Effortlessness: We couldn't get a better follow up card to Dreams! I think the message here is simple but very crucial....stop pushing SO hard. Sometimes, we end up making things difficult because we think that in order to succeed and make our dreams come true it HAS to be hard. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that only good things come after a struggle or that we must suffer to be rewarded with success. This is not the case. Yes, we all should work towards our dreams and help the universe make them happen but we don't always have to wear 30 hair shirts to get us there. Not every good thing that happens to us has to be the result of pain and suffering. You deserve to reach your goals and dreams with out showing up looking like you were in a physical and emotional fist fight. Breathe. Trust. Ask. Set your intentions and then flow. Flow should not feel unnatural to us but for many of us, it does. The idea of being fluid isn't something that we trust very often but we can unlearn that just as we learned it. Just because we believe it today doesn't mean it has to stay that way or that it is the truth. Negative beliefs or thought patterns do not have to permanent or static believe system in our lives. If you fear an easy flow in your life ask why. I know for a long time I did and it was rooted in me feeling unworthy. I believed on many levels that life was is meant to be difficult because I didn't deserve a life with flow and ease. The is one of the biggest untruths out there for all of us. Negative thought patterns about ease in your life and what kind of life you deserve can be cut away and unlearned....I'm proof of that.

#3. Spread Your Wings: Wow and yes please! We need to give ourselves the gift of dreaming and DOING together so that we can spread our wings and move forward. Yes, it might be a bit scary because the unknown often is but there is literally nothing standing in this woman's way. Nothing. Her stance is relaxed, her clothing is casual and her future is hers for the taking. Keep in mind that all dreams count here not just big ones. Yes, the dream job, the dream vacation are always in our minds but don't forget the small things in life that make us happy. Reaching into the expansiveness of the dream realm might be ordering seeds and bulbs for your dream garden in the spring. Maybe it is planning a dream camping getaway with friends and family. Maybe it is finally being able to paint and decorate your kitchen. Maybe it is finally having that stack of books on your bed side table that is the dreamiest winter reading list for you. The dreams that await you can be easily reached and obtained when they are manageable. Too many times we put aside our dreams because they feel too big, too scary and too “out there”. Maybe we practice at the beginning of the year with the small stuff so we are better equipped for when we want to set up to the big dreams. The vibe that I am getting from this is that creativity is the key. Spread your wings and get in touch with your creative self whatever that means for you. Our dreams are often realized when we allow ourselves to flow in the zen of our creativeness. Maybe you are creative in the kitchen or you are a great problem solver or you love to sing in the shower and make up songs. We ALL have creativeness in us and it is our direct connection to the universe. Tap into that, dream and believe you deserve to have dreams come true because you do.

#4. 9 of Water: What a gorgeous card to end this reading with because it is the card of wishes fulfilled. Yes, the nine of Cups is traditionally when wishes come true. There is absolutely nothing restrictive in this card. The mermaid is calm, happy and at peace. She has a dreamy look on her face and she looks at the jewels in front of her. The jewels are the seeds she planted for her dreams many moons ago. Her wishes, thoughts, ideas and the efforts she put forth. She can believe that she deserves her wishes and dreams to come true. As a mermaid she lives in constant flow and her natural state of fluidity has helped reach her dreams. Why? Because she didn't fight the current or fight the flow of what the universe offered her. That is the last key take the gifts that universe offers you to help you make your dreams come true. Allow the ease of what is given to you in the way of opportunities, synchronicities, new friends and adventures. When something or someone good and positive is offered to you, take it. You do deserve to be happy and you deserve to make your dreams come true. Watch for the signs and gifts that the universe presents to you because they are everywhere. Open yourself up to letting the universe help you make it all come true for you.Sending much (warm!) love and light to you all. Believe in yourself and Happy New Year! Lisa G. xo

Cards used:
* 1. Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Mosley
* 2. The Power of Surrender by Dr. Judith Orloff
* 3. The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland
* 4. The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid
Crystals to carry or wear help with your dreams and your root chakra to feel grounded: Red Jasper, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Ruby
To help w confidence: Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Citrine
Clear Quartz is a wonderful “do all” crystal that will help all of the above
Amazonite is often called the “lucky hope stone,” because it is said to be lucky for all your hopes and dreams. It helps to bring clarity and truth to your intention, empowering and motivating you to manifest your dreams into reality.

A New Translation of
the Heart Sutra with Commentaries

Thich Nhat Hanh


This new translation of the Buddha's most important, most studied teaching offers a radical new interpretation.

In September, 2014 Thich Nhat Hanh completed a profound and beautiful new English translation of the Prajñaparamita Heart Sutra, one of the most important and well-known sutras in Buddhism.

The Heart Sutra is recited daily in Mahayana temples and practice centers throughout the world. This new translation came about because Thich Nhat Hanh believes that the patriarch who originally compiled the Heart Sutra was not sufficiently skillful with his use of language to capture the intention of the Buddha's teachings—and has resulted in fundamental misunderstandings of the central tenets of Buddhism for almost 2,000 years.

In The Other Shore: A New Translation of the Heart Sutra with Commentaries, Thich Nhat Hanh provides the new translation with commentaries based on his interpretation. Revealing the Buddha's original intention and insight makes clear what it means to transcend duality and pairs of opposites, such as birth and death, and to touch the ultimate reality and the wisdom of nondiscrimination. By helping to demystify the term "emptiness," the Heart Sutra is made more accessible and understandable.

Prior to the publication of The Other Shore, Thich Nhat Hanh's translation and commentaries of the Heart Sutra, called The Heart of Understanding, sold more than 120,000 copies in various editions and is one of the most beloved commentaries of this critical teaching. This new book, The Other Shore, supersedes all prior translations.

ISBN: 978-1941529140 * Palm Leaves Press, 2017 * 133 pages * $19.95


Have you ever entered a room and it just didn’t feel right, yet you couldn’t explain why? Do you sense a natural comfort with some people but are immediately stressed by others? The truth is that we’re all influenced far more than we realize by the invisible energy of the people and places around us. This, along with difficult experiences in your past that still weigh you down, can keep you from being a creative force in your life.

Clearing is a gentle but powerful way to release the old stress you’re still carrying from your life history, as well as transform how you’re affected by the energy around you each day. Many people experience immediate shifts in their energy during a clearing, and significant change often unfolds in the days and weeks afterward. In fact, clearing has even been described as “accelerated meditation” because it can lead to a sense of calm and happiness that typically results only after years of a mindfulness practice.

In this simple, elegant guide, Jean Haner teaches you, in easy-to-follow steps, how to clear your own energy or that of any person, as well as bring harmony to the energy of the spaces you inhabit, so you can reclaim your vitality and joy, and open up infinite new possibilities in life. Healers, intuitives, energy workers, highly sensitive people, and anyone who just wants to optimize their energy and live their best life will find this to be the perfect training. Jean refines energy clearing to its pure essence—the power of the compassionate heart!

ISBN: 978-1401951542 * Hay House, 2017 * 225 pages * $23.99

Learn to Clear the Energy
of People & Places

Jean Haner

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to
Harnessing the Power
of Your Words
to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life

Mary Shores

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Whether we realize it or not, the words we use dictate and control our lives. The persistent messages we repeat can frame our thoughts and trap us into a mind-set that is difficult to break. This mind-set often manifests itself with statements like “I can’t,” “I’m not good enough,” and “I’ll never find the [insert the blank] I want.” Many times, we don’t stop to consider the profound impact that these negative, limiting words have on our mentality, life choices, and the path of possibility that we manifest.

After gathering years of research and personal experience with how words affect individuals mentally and emotionally, business owner and communications specialist Mary Shores realized that there is a life-changing theme persistent throughout ancient traditions and spiritual foundations that is supported by scientific professionals. They all agree on one recurring truth: Words have the power to create and transform.

Mary took her discoveries and created easy-to-follow, step-by-step practices that can transform each area of your life. Based on two decades of research, Mary teaches how you can create new neural pathways simply by changing your words. You can align your words, thoughts, and actions to produce the results you want. Conscious Communications can show you how!

Conscious Communications is your guide to creating a life in alignment with your dreams and desires. With thoroughly tested exercises, research, advice, and personal stories, you will begin to experience the tremendous impact of words and how to utilize the right ones to unleash and unlock the power to create a new reality.

ISBN 978-1401952136 * Hay House, 2017 * 207 pages * $22.50

Drawing deeply on her own experiences as well as stories and studies about aging from other cultures, Hoblitzelle explores the ways that readers can nourish their inner lives and spirit even as their bodies’ age and facilities diminish. She offers seven guidelines to being attentive to the gifts that grow more valuable with age: spiritual orientation, practice of silence, practice of mindfulness, practice of stopping, finding the sacred in the commonplace, meditation, and the practice of gratitude. She also shares the stories of six “wayshowers,” individuals whose stories illustrate aging with compassion. This heartfelt book invites inspiring reflections on finding beauty in aging, facing death with dignity, and rejoicing in earthly blessings.

ISBN: 978-1939681713 * Monkfish Books, 2017 * 206 pages * $24.50

Reflections, Stories & Teachings

Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle

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How We Misthink Money and
How to Spend Smarter

Dan Ariely
Jeff Kreisler

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We think of money as numbers, values, and amounts, but when it comes down to it, when we actually use our money, we engage our hearts more than our heads. Emotions play a powerful role in shaping our financial behavior, often making us our own worst enemies as we try to save, access value, and spend responsibly. In Dollars and Sense, bestselling author and behavioral economist Dan Ariely teams up with financial comedian and writer Jeff Kreisler to challenge many of our most basic assumptions about the precarious relationship between our brains and our money. In doing so, they undermine many of personal finance’s most sacred beliefs and explain how we can override some of our own instincts to make better financial choices.

Exploring a wide range of everyday topics—from the lure of pain-free spending with credit cards to the pitfalls of household budgeting to the seductive power of holiday sales—Ariely and Kreisler demonstrate how our misplaced confidence in our spending habits frequently leads us astray, costing us more than we realize, whether it’s the real value of the time we spend driving forty-five minutes to save $10 or our inability to properly assess what the things we buy are actually worth. Together Ariely and Kreisler reveal the emotional forces working against us and how we can counteract them. Mixing case studies and anecdotes with concrete advice and lessons, they cut through the unconscious fears and desires driving our worst financial instincts and teach us how to improve our money habits.

The result not only reveals the rationale behind our most head-scratching financial choices but also offers clear guidance for navigating the treacherous financial landscape of the brain. Fascinating, engaging, funny, and essential, Dollars and Sense provides the practical tools we need to understand and improve our financial choices, save and spend smarter, and ultimately live better.

ISBN 978-0062651204 * Harper, 2017 * 275 pages * $34.99

Wherever the first inhabitants of the world gathered together, they engaged in the human concerns of community building, interpersonal relations, and spiritual understanding. As such these earliest people became our “first psychologists.” Their wisdom lives on through the teachings of contemporary Indigenous elders and healers, offering unique insights and practices to help us revision the self-limiting approaches of modern psychology and enhance the processes of healing and social justice.

Reconnecting psychology to its ancient roots, Richard Katz, Ph.D., sensitively shares the healing wisdom of Indigenous peoples he has worked with, including the Ju/’hoansi of the Kalahari Desert, Fijians native to the Fiji Islands, Lakota people of the Rosebud Reservation, and Cree and Anishnabe First Nations people from Saskatchewan. Through stories about the profoundly spiritual ceremonies and everyday practices he engaged in, he seeks to fulfill the responsibility he was given: build a foundation of reciprocity so Indigenous teachings can create a path toward healing psychology. Also drawing on his experience as a Harvard-trained psychologist, the author reveals how modern psychological approaches focus too heavily on labels and categories and fail to recognize the benefits of enhanced states of consciousness.

Exploring the vital role of spirituality in the practice of psychology, Katz explains how the Indigenous approach offers a way to understand challenges and opportunities, from inside lived truths, and treat mental illness at its source. Acknowledging the diversity of Indigenous approaches, he shows how Indigenous perspectives can help create a more effective model of best practices in psychology as well as guide us to a more holistic existence where we can once again assume full responsibility in the creation of our lives.

ISBN 978-1620552674 * Healing Arts Press, 2017 * 458 pages * $37.50

Honoring the Wisdom
of the First Peoples

Richard Katz, Ph.D.

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Using Natural Cycles to Recharge Your Life

Pia Orleane, Ph.D.

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All of life is interwoven into a living system of cycles, from Earth’s seasons to the enzymatic pathways that provide energy to a cell. Waxing and waning from times of growth to times of rest, renewal, and healing, cycles map the most auspicious time for everything in life. Both women and men have biological cycles of active growth and quiet renewal, led by our hormones. By understanding how everything in life moves in cycles, you can become more aware of and comfortable with your own cyclic nature, something that has been forgotten by the modern world’s linear views of time.

Drawing on the wisdom of ancient cultures, the natural cycles of life, and her own groundbreaking research, Pia Orleane, Ph.D., offers a template for how we can restore balance to our emotions and health, ease tensions between the sexes, and heal our fractured culture by honoring divine feminine consciousness and re-embracing natural cycles, including our innate need for rest and retreat. She explains the biology of how our bodies operate by hormones released in cycles and shows how balanced hormones help eliminate anger, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue. Exploring ancient traditions and rituals surrounding blood and sacred retreat, she explains how the seclusion of women during menstruation and of men during vision quests offered a cleansing process for body and mind, alone time to clear suppressed emotions, awaken our innate creativity and sensitivity, re-attune us with the deeper rhythms of the body and nature, and restore harmony between the genders and balance between the divine feminine and masculine.

Outlining the sacred retreat process, the author explores dream cycles, divine sexuality, and practices for reconnecting to nature, increasing creativity and intuition, and clearing suppressed emotions. She also looks at the benefits for women and men of separate sleeping during menstruation. Through this wisdom, we can restore our natural cycles, allow the divine feminine to once again blossom alongside the divine masculine, and, with the return of balance, heal our world and our hearts.

ISBN 978-1591437918 * Bear & Co., 2017 * 218 pages * $19.95

Have you ever found yourslef at a crossroads, unsure of which way to turn? Maybe you reached a fork in the road and felt overwhelmed by the choices before you. Or perhaps you felt stuck, held back by the fear of making the wrong decision - with one foot rooted firmly in the past and the other dangling into the unknown.

But there is a pathway out of your challenges and into a space of freedom, happiness, and lasting fulfillment. For thousand of years, divine solution have been whispered directly into the hearts of priests, shamans, wizards, medicine women, and healers. In Sacred Powers, internationally renowned meditation master davidji reveals the deepest secrets of this timeless wisdom and distills their essence into the Five Divine Principles of the Universe:
• The Divine Prinicple of One
• The Divine Principle of Awareness
• The Divine Principle of REbirth
The Divine Principle of Infinite Flow
• The Divine Principle of Inner Fire

Each step on the path will unfold eternal truths to guide you on a lifelong journey of clarity and connection, expansion and abundance, love and happiness, courage and confidence, and passion and purpose. This moment is a defining moment. This is the moment to awaken your sacred powers. And this is the time to manifest your dream life!

ISBN 978-1781808191 * Hay House, UK, 2017 * 257 pages * $21.99

The Five Secrets of Awakening Transformation


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Freedom, Emptiness, and Awakened Nature

James William Coleman
with Reb Anderson Roshi
and Lama Palden Drolma

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Explore the three great techings of the Buddha:

  • The First Turning of the Wheel: Insight into the nature of suffering—and the way out of it—from the four noble truths and the eightfold path
  • The Second Turning of the Wheel: Teachings on emptiness from the Heart Sutra and the Diamond Sutra
  • The Third Turning of the Wheel: Guidance for practitioners and teachings on awakened Buddha nature

In clear language, James William Coleman, professor of sociology at the California Polytechnic State University, guides us through the ancient sutras that preserve the Buddha’s message, illuminating their meaning for today’s world and tying the Buddha’s wisdom together for us. The book concludes with chapters from two great teachers, Reb Anderson from the Zen tradition and Lama Palden from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, on how to use meditation to bring the Buddha’s wisdom into our daily lives.

ISBN 978-1614293583 * Wisdom Publications, 2017 * 164 pages * $22.95

Every one of us possesses the potential to receive visionary experiences and integrate them into our lives. Artists become visionaries by cultivating their instinctive creative spark and sharing their profound visions with the world.

In this lavishly illustrated memoir, including more than 80 full-color reproductions of her intricate watercolor paintings and the stories behind them, Francene Hart recounts the evolution of her art from formative influences to her masterful integrations of Nature, Spirit, and Sacred Geometry. Opening with her early work on mandalas and her explorations of the work of Joseph Campbell and C. G. Jung, Hart explains how her first works of art were in response to the solitary life she led in the forest, where she discovered the hidden order of Nature. She reveals how she learned to center her artistic explorations on the intelligence of the heart rather than the intellect, utilizing the wisdom and imagery of Sacred Geometry, reverence for the natural environment, and the interconnectedness between all things as her inspirations. She describes the shamanic lessons that accompanied her discoveries and shaped her understanding of sacred relationships with the self, others, and Mother Earth. She explores how to tap into the energies provided by spirit guides and power animals, like Jaguar, Raven, Octopus, and Dolphin, and explains her profound affinity for the ocean, including her discovery of water consciousness in Hawaii. Offering chronicles of her inspiring travels and transformational encounters around the world, Hart shares her experiences at sacred sites in the Amazon, Central America, Egypt, England, Scotland, Paris, Cambodia, and the Himalayas and how these places influenced her art.

Exploring what is revealed as inspiration arises, Spirit informs, and vision is transformed into art, Francene Hart’s journey offers a window into the secret order of Nature, the power of sacred symbols for evolving consciousness, and a visionary artistic path that perfectly blends the mathematical rigors of sacred geometry and the numinous.

ISBN 978-1591432739 * Bear & Co., 2017 * 211 pages * $43.95

Journey on the Path to the Divine

Francene Hart

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Discovering the Wishes of the Soul

Stephen Larsen
Tom Verner

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We have been dreaming for all of our 3 million or more years of existence. Dreams provide an extraordinary way to process the day’s events and uncover new perspectives. Many cultural creatives credit their world-changing creations to their dreams, and science now believes that dreams helped evolve the very process of thought itself.

In this book, Stephen Larsen and Tom Verner examine dream traditions from around the world, beginning with the oldest records from ancient Egypt, India, Greece, and Australia and expanding to shamanic and indigenous societies. The authors investigate the psychology of dreaming, the neuroscience behind the dreaming brain, the Jungian perspective, and the intersections of yoga and modern dream research. They show how dreams and myth are related in the timeless world of the Archetypal Imagination and how dreams often reveal the wishes of the soul. They explore the practice of dream incubation, an age-old tradition for seeding the unconscious mind to help solve problems and gain deep insights. They examine the profound role that dreams have played in the survival of exploited and persecuted cultures, such as the Native Americans, African slaves, and the Jews during the Holocaust, and share inspirational dream stories from exceptional woman dreamers such as Hildegard von Bingen, Joan of Arc, and Harriet Tubman.

Drawing on their more than 50 years’ experience keeping dream journals, the authors offer techniques to help you remember your dreams and begin to work with them. They also explore the clairvoyant and telepathic dimensions of dreaming and the practices of lucid dreaming and shamanic dreaming. Revealing how the alchemical cauldron of dreaming can bring inspiration, healing, and discovery, the authors show how dreams unite us with each other and the past and future dreamers of our world.

ISBN 978-1620555149 * Inner Traditions, 2017 * 338 pages * $24.95

Whether you realize it or not, you're in constant contact with your spirit guides. Your spirit guides, a team of energetic beings, are ever-present spiritual teachers offering guidance, support, wisdom, and love.

In this book, world-renowned spiritual medium James Van Praagh shares the benefits and rewards of having a conscious relationship with your guides. You'll explore the many different guides you can encounter over the course of your life and lifetimes, including earth guides who have physical bodies and those who reside in the Spirit realm. Since our soul's energy is constantly changing, our guides, too, are changing, making for a rich and infinite array of possibilities.

You will also discover where the guides come from and what they are here to do. James offers insights from the guides that deal with common situations, and shows you how to make contact with your own inner guides and protect yourself from unwanted energies. The book features a series of powerful energy-raising exercises and meditations to enrich your jourey to understanding your guides and the assistance they can impart on your life. In doing so, you'll learn how to work with your chakra points, increase your heart space, and ground yourself to receive messages from your guides.

ISBN 978-1401951375 * Hay House, 2017 * 164 pages * $25.99

A Handbook to Contact Your
Soul's Greatest Teachers

James Van Praagh

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Beth Seilonen

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Trees are guardians of our lives, but there is a drastic contrast between the living and the dead in nature and spirit. These disquieting, yet beautiful 78 Tarot cards and guidebook identify a clear correlation of how humans exist within current times. We become less functional, depleted, and unable to connect to our personal happiness as we pull our nourishment from a depleted source. These guardians will teach you that in a nourishing environment, where your needs are met and supported by others, you grow stronger. By bringing two entities together―trees and humans―you will journey along a path to unite and foster awareness of the importance between nature and yourself and promote your own personal development and joy. Find a nourishing environment and improve your life with the guardianship of trees.

ISBN 978-0764353864 * Red Feather, 2017 * 78 Cards * $36.99

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This card deck is both a teaching tool about crystals as well as an accurate divination method. In Doreen’s previous writings, she has corresponded the aura color and functions of each angel, with corresponding crystals who share the same properties and colors. Now with the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards, readers can see a beautiful original painting on each card by artist Marius Michael-George, featuring a specific angel with their crystal and a detailed message upon each card. The accompanying guidebook will also make suggestions about incorporating crystal gemstones into readings with the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards.

ISBN: 978-1401948535 * Hay House, 2017 * 44-Card Deck & Guidebook * $31.95



A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

Doreen Virtue

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